Radio Show 2015

The Radio Show continued Thursday on a rapid-fire note with the panel “Five Things Programmers and Talent Need to Stop or Start Doing Immediately.” A bulls-eye look at the takeaway offers some insightful suggestions.

Jimmy Steal, VP of Programming, Emmis, national program director, Emmis Digital, Emmis Communications

“Things are changing so fast that the way you entertain, the way you connect cross-platform is changing every day. Continually reevaluate how you create, deliver and capture value in an age of disruption. We have to learn to change the tire on the car while we’re driving. We now have access to so many streams of data that we never did before, and we’re just learning how to apply them to our industry.”

Valerie Geller, broadcast consultant/trainer, Geller Media International

“It’s not about radio. It’s about the struggle of being human, holding up a mirror and delivering life. Radio is just a delivery system, so tell the truth, make it matter and never be boring. Why do people turn on the radio? They would like to be entertained, informed, inspired, persuaded and connected. People can get the news, the music, the weather, the traffic anywhere. What they can’t get elsewhere are the people and the human connections.”

Zach Sang, multimedia radio host, Westwood One

“Be 2015. Immerse yourself in the lifestyle of your target audience,” began the 22-year-old Sang, who started in radio eight years ago. “Adapt to today’s society. Be in the now. All you have to do is be you. Also, be where your consumer is….on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. Make sure your audience is being entertained as a 360 experience, because they are all different portals into your world. Take advantage of it.”