Podcasts tied to public radio may be how a lot of people get into the habit of consuming on-demand audio through smart speakers. That’s according to Nielsen Scarborough data, which shows public radio listeners are not only more likely to own a smart speaker, they’re also more likely to consume podcasts.

The data, made public by the Radio Research Consortium, shows public radio listeners have a higher adoption rate of smart speakers. Nielsen says 18.5% of adults 18 and older said they own at least one smart speaker. But the rate for public radio listeners is four points higher at 22.4%.

Both segments have one thing in common: the ownership rates are climbing. Between November 2018 and November 2019, Scarborough says smart-speaker ownership rose 46% among adults 18+ overall and increased 36% among public radio listeners.

When it comes to podcast consumption, the data shows an opportunity for public radio podcasters. That’s because 15.4% of public radio listeners report they’d listened to a podcast within the past month. Another 3.8% said they consumed a podcast in a video format such as YouTube. “Considering the latest developments with stay‐at‐home orders, this is encouraging for public radio in 2020,” said RRC.

More than 40% of the public radio audience listens to music via streaming, according to the analysis. It shows the top streaming music services among public radio listeners were Pandora, Spotify and Amazon Music. Netflix is the most popular video streaming service.