The underlying technology for Nielsen’s PPM ratings service hasn’t significantly changed since Arbitron began commercializing it in March 2007. Many broadcasters say an update is long overdue. Nielsen says it will reveal “planned enhancements” to clients Tuesday at 1pm eastern. Here are 10 questions radio clients should ask Nielsen:

1) Will radio listening levels go up?

2) Will the changes cost radio more money?

3) Will you collaborate with your customers by seeking their input?

4) Will Nielsen be transparent about these changes—before they occur?

5) Will the changes accomplish what Voltair already does?

6) Will you provide better PPM monitors?

7) Will you test publicly in the real world, not just in the lab?

8) How will the changes affect content known for encoding poorly?

9) Will your changes encode all radio signals equally, from Sean Hannity to smooth jazz?

10) Will the changes you’re proposing be equitable to all radio, including minority broadcasters?