Questlove Supreme

Questlove, the musician, DJ, producer and best-selling author, isn’t wasting any time to make use of his new partnership with the iHeartPodcast Network. He jumped to iHeart from Pandora in September and today (Dec. 4) a new season of Questlove Supreme begins rolling out with the host putting his television partner Jimmy Fallon in front of the microphone.

Born Ahmir Khalib Thompson, Questlove is the drummer and co-frontman for hip-hop band the Roots and has been the band leader for NBC-TV’s “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” since 2014. He is also one of the producers of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton.” And for the past three years he’s also been a podcast host. Questlove said he plans to cast a wide net for guests in the podcast’s third season.

“We sit and chat with some our favorite singers, our favorite musicians, actors, actresses, directors, journalists, authors, comedians, chefs, politicians, radio hosts, television hosts, thought leaders. We talk to people about their crafts, their passions, their influences, the good times, the bad times, the blood, the sweat, the tears,” he said in a preview. His show will also be part of the excerpts offered to local stations as part of the Sunday Night Podcasts show on hundreds of iHeartMedia-owned broadcast radio stations.

The Questlove Supreme podcast premiered in August 2016 and has had limited availability, being posted only on Pandora for its two seasons. By moving production to iHeart, Questlove’s podcast will not only be available on iHeartRadio, but all major listening apps. As part of the arrangement, Questlove will curate and produce a new slate of iHeartRadio Original podcasts that will go beyond music starting early next year.