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Opie Radio” on the Westwood One Podcast Network has come to an end. The latest episode from Gregg “Opie” Hughes titled “R.I.P.” opens with Hughes telling listeners that his run with the network has come to an end.

“We decided to go our own ways,” he says on the podcast. “A partnership that started a year ago, it’s now over… for now.” Hughes said he plans to continue the podcast but felt he took it as far as he could with Westwood One. The network declined comment.

On Hughes’ final Westwood One podcast he spent nearly ten minutes thanking coworkers at the network, starting with Senior VP of Digital Content Tim Sabean. The relationship between Sabean and Hughes dates back to the early syndication days of the “Opie & Anthony Show” on broadcast radio, which counted the Sabean-programmed WYSP Philadelphia (94.1) as one of its earliest affiliates. After Hughes and Anthony Cumia were fired from their broadcast radio show after the “Sex for Sam 3” contest, where contestants allegedly had sex in New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the pair moved to satellite radio in 2004. That reunited Hughes with Sabean, who at the time was Senior VP of Comedy and Entertainment and VP for the Howard Stern channels. “So happy he got me off beach and into podcasting,” Hughes said of Sabean. “No doubt we will be working together again, hopefully in near future.”

Hughes said he will continue the podcast with Mike “Safo” Safoschnik and still do as many episodes as possible with Chef Carl Ruiz. “It’s kind of a sad day but I think it’s the right thing to do,” he continued. Hughes made clear that he was not fired and he did not quit, saying it was a relationship “that served both parties well. But it is time to move on.”

Hughes joined Westwood One in May 2018 for a twice-weekly podcast. Most of the shows were recorded outside the usual confines of a studio. Instead, the show would be recorded at bars and restaurants and on the streets of Manhattan, at “Carl’s Creepy Cabin” in the woods of New Jersey, in various vehicles and even at the beach, where his final episode began.