In person car buying

In-person and personal contact are still preferred by an overwhelming majority of automobile buyers, as reported in RAB's latest “Radio Matters” blog.

“Buying or leasing a vehicle is one of those very personal events and despite the conveniences that are being made available to consumers today, the in-person experience still matters,” RAB Senior VP/Insights Annette Malave says. Backing that up, and cited in RAB's blog, are the results of an October 2020 Capital One survey of 1,000 adults ages 18 and older, where 94% of car buyers said they are most comfortable purchasing a vehicle from a dealership.

The blog also includes data from Scarborough Research showing that, of those adult households planning on buying or leasing a new vehicle within the next 12 months, radio reaches 91% who plan on getting a pickup truck, 90% who plan on getting an SUV, 88% who plan on getting a luxury vehicle and 88% who plan on getting a compact car.

The above suggests a continuing clear connection between car dealers and radio. “Although vehicle sales are on the rise, dealers should not minimize the value of advertising – specifically radio advertising,” Malave says. “Radio ads should focus on the service, selection and financing opportunities dealers offer. Additionally, one of the best practices for radio advertising is to personalize/localize the ad.”

RAB's blog is just the latest to reinforce the importance of in-person buying even since the pandemic. “While there have been many shifts in consumer behaviors, many consumer preferences remain unchanged,” Malave says. “If there is one thing that the pandemic has proven, it is that personal connections matter.”