A new multi-media campaign from Allstate aims to position the insurance company as a “modern, innovative brand for the future.” The "It's good to be IN good hands” campaign will run across a range of advertising and marketing mediums, including radio, television, digital and mobile, online video, social media and print.

"We're redefining what it really means to be in good hands,” Sanjay Gupta, Allstate executive VP of Marketing, Innovation and Corporate Relations said in a release. “We're taking all the best attributes of our iconic brand and completely modernizing it with a fresh and dramatic new look and feel, provocative and fun celebrity talent, and a clear and contemporary message."

The campaign was designed by Leo Burnett Chicago, the same agency that created Allstate’s award-winning “Mayhem’s All-Time Greatest Hits Countdown” radio campaign which took over all the advertising during rush hour on multiple stations in the same city in markets across the country. That campaign discarded traditional spot lengths in favor of a top 10 countdown of Mayhem’s top hits, complete with hokey jingles and jock set-ups, customized for each market.

Humor is also part of the recipe of the new ads, which star Adam DeVine, Tim Gunn and Leslie Jones in comical situations as metaphors to convey what it really means “to be in good hands.”

Allstate was among radio’s top 100 advertisers in 2015, airing 201,579 spots on stations tracked by Media Monitors. While the company has scaled back its commercials in 2015, running 24,209 radio spots from Jan. 1 – May 12, 2016, it has also favored a more non-traditional approach such as the “countdown” concept which isn’t tracked as traditional spots.