Radio on Main Street

Robin Fitzgerald, Chief Creative Officer at ad agency BBDO, who will serve as Chief Judge for the 2020 Radio Mercury Awards, spoke about creating great audio content and why the Radio Mercury Awards are kind of a big deal during a recent RAB “Radio On Main Street” podcast. He offers advice to heed as one prepares an entry to the Radio Mercury Awards, which opens in January.

Asked to share ideas on great creative, Fitzgerald said, “First off, is it grounded in an insight? Someone once told me a great ad is an interesting insight that somebody brought to life.” Having that insight, Fitzgerald says, “takes you away from leaning on execution too much.” During the creative process you need to identify the problem you are hoping to solve, such as getting a consumer to know about a brand, she says. “If you’re coming at an insight that is attacking a problem, then you’re going to have results on the other end.”

Another thing that drives great creative is the excitement behind it, Fitzgerald said. If you’re not excited about a creative pitch “and love it and want to fight for it,” it’s never going to be great. “It’s going to be the lowest denominator type work,” she tells RAB President and CEO Erica Farber. “I want to get that jittery feeling. Then you know that you’ve got something really special that you’re going to wrap your arms around and protect this gem and see it come to life.”

Her Atlanta-based firm does “quite a bit of radio,” Fitzgerald told Farber on the podcast. It counts Georgia Lottery, Sanderson Chicken and Norwegian Cruise Lines among clients. A current holiday campaign for Honey Baked Ham involves local talent in 18 radio markets branding a new catch phrase, “It’s No Honey Baked.” “We actually created an integrated radio script with some of the DJs at these local stations,” Fitzgerald explains. “It kind of gives some legs to this campaign and this catch phrase tag line we are putting out.”

The call for entry for the 2020 Radio Mercury Awards will open Jan. 14, 2020 with an April 3 entry deadline. Finalists will be announced May 4 with the 29th annual Radio Mercury Awards to be held June 4. Fitzgerald says winning a Radio Mercury Award is important because, “you impressed a room full of cynical judges… not only that it’s a very cool looking award.”

Listen to the “Radio on Main Street” podcast HERE.