Hillary Clinton

Talk radio is the bastion of the right, so a lot of politically-minded commentators on the left have turned to podcasts to get their point of view heard. That list now includes Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential candidate has reportedly signed with the iHeartPodcast Network to produce and distribute her new podcast.

There’s been no official announcement from iHeart about the show, but Politico says Clinton will work with a pair of veteran podcast producers to help craft the show. They include Kathleen Russo, executive producer of Tina Brown’s TBD podcast and creator of Alec Baldwin’s Here’s the Thing podcast and public radio show. And Julie Subrin, who is also a producer for TBD.

The idea of hosting a show was first born last fall when Clinton and her daughter Chelsea recorded an interview on the Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend podcast during a book tour last autumn. The former First Lady was already in talks with iHeart and those close to her say it further opened her eyes to how different a conversation can be on a podcast compared to broadcast radio or television. Clinton reportedly further opened to the idea of doing a long-form show when she appeared on Howard Stern’s satellite radio show and the two spoke for more than two hours for what was his longest-ever interview with a non-musician.

What can listeners expect from a Hillary-hosted show? “She wants to try to have a wider-ranging conversation that will be lasting, so you can listen to it in a year or you can listen to it tomorrow and it will be interesting. And then of course she’ll do some ranting and raving about news of the day,” someone close to her told Politico. They said they’re hoping to create a format and chill vibe in the New York studio where the show will be recorded, similar to what Stern uses on his SiriusXM show to get his guests to open up and speak freely.

Clinton’s still untitled podcast will feature her having conversations with guests from the world of politics as well as with celebrities and authors. Politico reports the producers are currently experimenting with a “Stern-inspired ensemble” to act as co-hosts to help the politician known for being guarded about what she says in public to be more open with listeners.

No premiere data has been set for the podcast. But word is Clinton is already recording interviews and a “splashy launch” is planned. When it debuts, she won’t be the only Clinton with a podcast. President Bill Clinton and Chelsea Clinton already produce the Why Am I Telling You This? podcast, a show produced by the Clinton Foundation.