A check on the pulse of what was once considered to be the latest in a long line of perceived death threats to radio shows the once mighty Pandora losing listeners at a clip of nearly five million annually – down 14.4 million since 2018.

The streaming audio platform still leads Amazon Music and Apple Music in listeners, for now, but currently trails Spotify by nearly 30 million listeners. Boasting nearly 70 million audio listeners in 2018, Pandora is projected to drop to 46 million listeners by 2025, according to eMarketer. Amazon Music is expected to pass Pandora in listeners next year.

Regarding subscriptions to pureplay platforms, Spotify is the market leader, followed by Apple Music, YouTube Premium and Pandora. eMarketer doesn’t have access to the number of subscribers to Amazon Music independent of Amazon Prime users who get the music platform rolled into their plan.

A driving force behind the growth of Spotify is its podcast offerings. According to the report, Spotify will overtake Apple in podcast listeners to become the leader in the category among those tracked by eMarketer. “We expect Apple podcast listeners to plateau and Spotify listeners to keep increasing throughout our forecast period,” eMarketer says in its report.

Spotify has acquired a number of podcast companies, including Gimlet Media, Anchor, Parcast, Megaphone and The Ringer. It has also struck exclusive deals with talent such as Joe Rogan, Kim Kardashian, former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Original material and exclusives accounted for 21.7% of total time that people in the U.S. spent listening to podcasts on Spotify, according to a company newsletter obtained by eMarketer’s Insider Intelligence.