Rush Limbaugh 2019

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh’s answer to Nike scrapping plans for a Betsy Ross American flag-themed sneaker has resulted in a $1.5 million donation to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.

Limbaugh, appearing on “Fox and Friends,” said he designed a “Stand Up for Betsy Ross” t-shirt “as a pushback to [Colin] Kaepernick and Nike.” Kaepernick informed Nike of the use of the colonial flag by some white supremacist movements, which led to the sneaker company pulling its release of the footwear.

“The audience that I have and that you have are some of the greatest people in this country,” Limbaugh told the Fox hosts. “They are ordinary people that do extraordinary things. We are well past 100,000 t-shirts… We are today announcing a donation of $1.5 million to Tunnel to Towers in 10 days.”

Limbaugh says the company producing the shirts is having trouble keeping up with demand. “To put this in perspective, the Super Bowl champion t-shirt every year that goes on sale the day of the Super Bowl, sells 50,000 in three months,” he explained. “This is 100,000 and we’re still going. There’s no end to this. People are still ordering.”

The host said orders would be filled into September. He then talked about his pride in the generosity of his fan base for the worthwhile cause: “It’s the greatest thing. It’s one of the most uplifting things that I have been involved in because this is the American people,” Limbaugh continued. “This isn’t me making a donation. This isn’t you or anybody else. This is the American people, 27 bucks at a time, generating enough revenue to be able to send $1.5 million to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation.”

The Foundation honors Brooklyn firefighter Stephen Siller, who, on Sept. 11, ran through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel in full gear into lower Manhattan to help in the response to the terrorist attack of the Twin Towers. Siller died after the buildings collapsed. The non-profit organization helps military and first responders in times of need.

The transcript of Limbaugh’s appearance on “Fox and Friends” can be found HERE.