Rush Limbaugh studio

After disclosing a setback in his battle with Stage 4 Lung cancer, Rush Limbaugh received well wishes from President Donald Trump, and an attack from fellow conservative talk show host Michael Savage.

On Monday, Oct. 19, Limbaugh told listeners that recent scans show “some progression of cancer” and his treatment plan was being tweaked, including another round of chemotherapy.

The President, calling into “Fox & Friends” Tuesday morning (Oct. 20) described Limbaugh as an “incredible man,” according to The Hill. Trump, who awarded Limbaugh the Medal of Freedom during his State of the Union Address in February, said of the groundbreaking talk show host, “He didn’t have exactly a great prognosis when he heard about it, and this is now taking it to the next level… However, he will continue to fight. That’s the one thing I know about him.”

The President’s words were in stark contrast to what Savage posted shortly after Limbaugh’s on-air health update. Calling Limbaugh’s opening segment on Monday the “worst 15 minutes in radio history,” Savage cruelly wrote “Limbaugh’s crying about his cancer on air.”

Savage, whose one-hour a day radio presence comes to an end this year, told his followers, “I promise my audience this, I will not drag you down with me. Best wishes, Rush, but stop and leave the stage with dignity.”

Savage’s remarks were met with fierce rebuttal from Limbaugh fans and also included a scathing rebuke from TV personality, talk show host and podcaster Megyn Kelly. “I think I speak for, oh, pretty much everyone when I say STFU you absolute douchebag,” Kelly wrote in response to the Savage post, The Hill reported in a separate story. Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell simply responded “You're an idiot” to the Savage comment.