Freedom 1570

Salem Media Group launches “Freedom 1570” KDIZ Minneapolis with syndicated talk programming featuring Ben Shapiro, Chris Plante, Mark Levin and Sebastian Gorka.

“Freedom 1570” replaces “Wellness Radio,” which had been on the signal for four years. The flip to conservative talk radio was preceded by a weekend of stunting that included static and Morse code.

The lineup on “Freedom 1570” is as follows:

“America’s First News with Matt Ray” (5-8am)
“The Chris Plante Show” (8-11am)  
“Like it Matters Radio with Mr. Scott V. Black” (11am-12pm)
“The Dana Loesch Show” (12-3pm)
“The Ben Shapiro Show” (3-5pm)
“The Mark Levin Show” (5-8pm)
“America First with Sebastian Gorka” (8-11pm)
“Armed American Radio with Mark Walters” (11pm-12am)

Salem also owns talk “1280 The Patriot” WWTC, which also airs Gorka, Levin and “Armed American Radio.” WWTC is cross-promoting “Freedom 1570” on its website.

The company also owns religious teaching KKMS (980) and business news KYCR (1440) in the Minneapolis market.