Sirius XM Canada

SiriusXM Radio is raising subscription rates on a number of its pricing plans, including a 5% monthly price hike on its all-inclusive All Access package, which includes in-car, Internet streaming and smart speaker access. That tier moves from $19.99 to $20.99. Royalty fees are also going up 5%, as of Nov. 15, from $2.78 to $2.92.

The satellite service’s second most expensive plan, Select, remains unchanged at $15.99 a month, and Mostly Music stays at $10.99 monthly, according to Seeking Alpha. The company says that those three plans are its most popular.

Also higher is the SiriusXM Internet Streaming add-on, which moves from an extra $4 per month to an extra $5 per month. In addition, some changes to content are coming based on subscriber plans: All Access subscribers have access to three add-on channels, but they have changed: to Major League Baseball, the NBA and PGA Tour, instead of NASCAR, Howard Stern and the NFL. Those latter three are now included in Select.

For those interested only in music, the Mostly Music package is now a less expensive alternative at $10.99, although it excludes specialty channels The Beatles, E Street Radio, Grateful Dead, Garth Brooks and Tom Petty.

In all, Seeking Alpha says that SiriusXM has 40 different packages available to subscribers.

In its analysis, Seeking Alpha comments, “Since Sirius does not disclose the breakdown of its subscribers by payment plan, there is no way of knowing, even approximately, how much additional revenue could be generated from the latest price increases.” It adds that the price increase is unlikely to have a noticeable impact in Q4, and even in 2018 since it will take time for the increase to roll through self-pay subscribers as they come up for renewal.

SiriusXM is being transparent about what the changes mean for subscribers, offering a Q&A on its website about the rate hikes.