sirius XM 375-2019

SiriusXM customers may be able to claim up to $100 in cash in connection with “Lifetime Subscription” and “Lifetime Plan” services. That money, according the website, is tied to a $96 million settlement the satcaster paid to end a class-action case that accused SiriusXM of false advertising. SiriusXM was sued over the matter in 2016 and again in 2018.

“The plaintiffs alleged that they purchased SiriusXM lifetime subscriptions, paying between $350 and $755,” the report says. “Under the terms of the plans, subscribers could activate SiriusXM, a radio streaming service, on up to four devices, as well as others for a $75 fee.

The plaintiffs claimed they believed the lifetime subscriptions were good for their lifetimes, but found that the subscriptions lasted the lifetime of the device the customer first used to set up the streaming service. They also alleged that they did not know transfers of the service were limited.”

The lawsuit accused SiriusXM of deceiving customers into paying more for so-called “Lifetime Plans” than they would have paid had they known the offer was linked to the life of their radio — not their actual personal lifetimes. Plaintiffs accused SiriusXM of violating California consumer protection laws, among other transgressions. SiriusXM agreed to pay the $96 million to resolve the matter in June.

“Sirius XM has concluded, despite its belief that it is not liable for the claims asserted in the Cases and that it has defenses thereto, as well as meritorious positions in compelling arbitration in the Cases, that it is in Sirius XM’s best interests to enter into this Settlement Agreement to avoid further expense and burden, along with the distraction and uncertainty, of continuing protracted litigation, and thereby to resolve this controversy,” the settlement agreement says.

The settlement calls for consumers who bought a SiriusXM subscription marketed as a “Lifetime Subscription” to potentially share in the multimillion-dollar award, depending on whether their individuals subscriptions are active or inactive.

The deadline for class members to opt out of — or object to — the class-action settlement is Nov. 30.