Edison Research and Triton Digital

Fresh data from Edison Research and Triton Digital shines a light on the eroding number of Americans with a traditional AM/FM receiver in their home. Two thirds of Americans (68%) say they have at least one radio in their home. That’s down from 79% in 2016, 90% in 2012 and 96% in 2008. The average home now has 1.5 radios, down from double that number in 2008.

The findings were released Tuesday in a preview of the 2020 Infinite Dial Study, set for full release in a webinar next month.

The 12-year trend shows a consistent decrease in traditional radio receivers in the home. In 2008 only 4% of Americans reported having no radio in their home, compared to 32% today.

While AM/FM hardware penetration at home continues to slide, smart speaker adoption has increased rapidly and many in the radio industry see these devices as the “new clock radio.” The extent to which smart speakers have replaced AM/FM receivers in the home will be examined in the full Infinite Dial study, scheduled for release on March 19.