Rush Limbaugh Show - The Breakfast Club

Two of Premiere Networks’ highest-profile shows shared thoughts on death of George Floyd and the state of the country as Rush Limbaugh and “The Breakfast Club” shared the joint interview on their respective programs.

In an opening segment on his Monday afternoon show (June 1), Limbaugh said he asked, “Look, if I want to reach the African-American community, if I want to go out and have a chance at having a conversation explaining my point of view and hearing theirs, who should I talk to? They kept coming back to me, ‘You need to see if you could talk to the people on The Breakfast Club.’”

“We are fed up, we’re angry, hurt and tired,” The Breakfast Club’s DJ Envy said to open the interview. “The country is wounded. The phrase ‘I Can’t Breathe’ is embedded in our minds forever. The inhumane treatment and senseless murder of George Floyd has to be the final straw.”

For his part, Limbaugh said, “It sickens me what happened to him. Legitimate national outrage about a policeman’s criminal brutality has been hijacked, and I don’t want to forget about George Floyd. What happened to George Floyd sickened me and I wanted to reach out and tell you all this. I want to make sure you have no doubt and I’m not the only American who feels this way. The senselessness of it. We’re only given one life, we’re not given a do-over… George had his taken away from him.”

The interview has been posted to the “Power 105” WWPR New York website, flagship radio station of “The Breakfast Club.”

Limbaugh says he believes most Americans are as angry, sad and frustrated as he is and he wanted to share the emotion with “The Breakfast Club.” He said he also wants to convey the message that most Americans are just as sickened and outraged as he is.

“He didn’t lose his life. It was taken from him,” Limbaugh said in his opening segment. “He was murdered for no possible explicable, justifiable reason. It was just sickening, sickening to watch, sickening to see.”