Laura Berman 500

Who: Dr. Laura Berman
Show: Uncovered with Dr. Laura Berman
Syndicator: Compass Media Networks
Home Base: Chicago
Affiliates: Approximately 31 markets
Format: Talk
Daypart: Three hours, weekday evenings

(Inside Radio continues its look at some of the hottest new names among syndicated radio hosts.)

Relationship expert Dr. Laura Berman has some sage advice for those seeking relationship help—tune in to her new radio show.

On the Compass Media Networks-syndicated program, based in Chicago, Berman takes calls and answers questions submitted via social media from listeners in need of her guidance. “Uncovered with Dr. Laura Berman” airs nightly on more than 30 stations. “My job on the planet is to help people learn to love and be loved better,” she says. “That was the intention of the show, and to do it in an entertaining way.”

The show’s format is a bit unusual: Berman’s spoken-word segments air between music pods, with about 11 songs per hour and 6 minutes of Berman’s content. The show’s affiliates, which are mostly AC and hot AC stations, select their own music to play in the music sections. And while Berman says she could fill an entire show with just calls and advice, she says the format keeps listeners engaged and entertained. “I thought this would be easy to digest and something different stations would be interested in,” she says. “I could talk for six hours if you’d let me.” Many of the callers stay with her, like a recent call from a teenager with Asperger syndrome who said she was struggling to communicate with her parents and fit into her community. Berman offered organizations and resources for help, as well as words of encouragement. “To help her know she isn’t alone, that felt very impactful for me,” Berman recalls.

With any of her interactions with advice-seekers, Berman says her goal is similar: “If I can give them a pearl or nugget that opens their mind and hearts to more possibilities, that is so exciting to me,” she says.

“Uncovered with Dr. Laura Berman” is the host’s second job in radio. She previously hosted a program for four years on Oprah Winfrey’s now-defunct radio network. A media-savvy expert, Berman is a frequent guest on TV, including NBC’s “Today” show, on CNN, “Dr. Oz” and “The Steve Harvey Show.” Berman is also a prolific writer, with eight self-help and relationship books to her credit. Her latest title, “Quantum Love: How to Use Your Body’s Atomic Energy,” was released Feb. 9, right in time for Valentine’s Day.

To complement her radio show, Berman also hosts a weekly podcast. The longer format gives her a venue to air in-depth interviews and answer calls she says, “are too risqué for radio.” Of all the mediums she works in, Berman says she feels most in touch with the radio listeners. “Radio is much more raw and real and impulsive and intuitive and connected,” she says. “On radio, not only do you have more of an ability to roll out a message or a piece of advice, but it feels like a much more personal connection.”

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