Larry Elder 375

Now that the California Governor recall election is complete, with sitting Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom overwhelmingly beating back calls for his ouster, GOP candidate Larry Elder can return to his syndicated radio show on Salem Radio Network. But will he stay there for long?

Elder was an instant front-runner among candidates looking to replace Newsom and he has hinted that he may make another run for governor of the state next year.

When the conservative talk show host stepped away from his radio program to run for office, Salem said he would return to the network if he was unsuccessful in gaining the governorship. At the time, Carl Jackson was named as Elder’s temporary replacement.

However, it seems that the political bug has bit Elder.

“I have now become a political force here in California in general and particularly within the Republican party,” he told Cumulus Media news/talk KMJ-AM/FM Fresno (580/105.9), the Los Angeles Times reports. “And I’m not going to leave the stage.”

The Times suggests that Elder would have a harder time in a traditional election in the heavily-Democratic state.

He does, however, have his supporters.

“He is now the leader of the resistance in California, or at least one of the biggest leaders,” Carl DeMaio, afternoon host at iHeartMedia news/talk KOGO San Diego (600) and chair of the Reform California political action committee told the Times. “If he does want to run again, there is no doubt he is the [Republican] nominee. There is simply no doubt.”

Meanwhile, Salem is ready to welcome Elder back to his show, which is heard on more than a hundred stations. The network hopes his recent national exposure in the recall election will boost his radio presence.

“For stations that have now seen this campaign and have seen how good Larry is, it’s time to go back to those stations,” Salem Senior VP of Spoken Word Format Phil Boyce told the Times. “I expect that he will pick up stations in the future because of this.”

NPR says Salem Media Network backed Elder throughout the campaign, contributing $35,000 earlier this month. The public broadcasting network says Salem “has quietly become one of the most powerful forces in conservative media.” In addition to financial support, the network selected Elder as the featured speaker at an event hosted by the company’s Townhall online news outlet and Elder’s flagship radio station, Salem talk “AM 870 The Answer” KRLA Los Angeles.