Kevin & Bean

The “old crew” joined “Kevin and Bean” on Entercom modern rock KROQ Los Angeles (106.7) to mark the end of an era as Gene “Bean” Baxter broadcast his last show with partner Kevin Ryder. Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla sat in for most of Bean’s last broadcast. Kimmel joined the show in 1994 as “Jimmy the Sports Guy” and Carolla was known as “Mr. Birchum,” a disgruntled wood shop teacher. Both went on to huge success, using the morning show as a launching pad.

“The first thing Bean ever said to me was, ‘you’re an adult man who goes by the name Jimmy?’” Kimmel remembered. “And I was like, ‘you’re Bean.’”

Bean is exiting the morning show after hosting it with Ryder since 1990. He plans to relocate to England, where he is a citizen, with his wife.

Other former cast members called in to reminisce and wish Bean well, including news anchor “Doc on the Roq,” impressionist Ralph Garman, morning show producer “Lightning,” sidekick Tad and even former “Loveline” host Jim “Poorman” Trenton.

Poorman left the station under bitter terms in 1993. Carolla eventually replaced him as host of “Loveline.”

“Jim ‘Poorman’ Trenton is on the phone, who we have had a strained relationship with over the years and have not spoken with since the day he got fired,” Bean said ahead of taking the call. “This is the reunion you never thought you’d see in your life.”

The call started out cordial enough as Poorman, who Bean described as someone being on the “Mt. Rushmore of KROQ,” told the crew that it was the first time he had been on the station in 26 years. Bean immediately introduced Poorman to the studio guests including, “Adam Carolla, the man who had you fired so he could steal your radio show.”

“Thanks a lot Adam, you owe your whole career to Loveline and my show dammit,” Poorman replied. A somewhat uncomfortable exchange followed, which Variety recaps in an article.

Poorman continued to tell the story of bringing 500 listeners to Bean’s front lawn one late night, which led to his eventual firing. “We just wanted to have a party with you and you should have enjoyed the birthday party in the middle of the night,” he said.

The “party” resulted in listeners lighting fires on Bean’s front lawn, someone threw a brick at the house and power was cut off. “It was clear that you were mad that night,” Bean said. “They kind of looked at you being mad at me and thought they were going to get even with me. And I mean, I literally had to move. We had to pack up and move out of that house as a result of what you did on the radio that night.”

Poorman apologized for the incident, saying, “I should have not taken 500 listeners there. And I lost 180 grand a year in salary and my gig at KROQ, which in the end, you have to think that was pretty stupid of me, right?”

The show closed with Bean telling the in-studio guests and listeners, “I feel like I’ve said pretty much everything I wanted to say. I thanked all the people past and present who have worked on the program… I’m not good at speeches and I’m not good at mushy stuff so rather than me try to put into words how I feel right now I thought I would turn it over to the greatest television characters of all time, Coach Taylor from ‘Friday Night Lights’ who as he said goodbye to his kids on the football field in one of the final episodes of the show he summed up the way I feel about you guys and the KROQ audience as well. So, I’ll let this be my farewell for 30 years of the Kevin and bean Show on the World Famous KROQ.”

Check out the KROQ website for farewell messages to the legendary Los Angeles broadcaster HERE. –Jay Gleason