In another step intended to reduce piracy of its copyrighted audience ratings, Nielsen is removing all listener estimates from the local radio eBook effective with the November 2019 PPM report period and the Fall 2019 diary survey. This comes after Nielsen removed the ability to generate PDFs from listener estimates in the eBook starting with the August 2019 PPM survey and Fall 2019 Diary survey. Listener Estimate reports for Continuous Diary Markets were removed from eBook, effective with the July 2019 survey.

The latest move is part of ongoing efforts to protect the company’s intellectual property and prevent unauthorized use by non-clients.

Part of a bygone era when radio measurement predecessor Arbitron shifted from the old printed reports to electronic access, eBook is rarely used by clients for transactional purposes. Instead clients use various types of software to access the data and seldom use or consult eBook anymore for listening estimates. Yet with entire market reports still available on the platform, and functionality that made it easy to create a several-hundred page ratings report PDF, the product was a temptation for users with access to forward entire ratings reports to non-subscribers.

Nielsen disclosed the change in a Product Notification to clients on Tuesday. eBook will still have sample placement and return info, universe estimates, maps of the markets, and basic disclosures. While the Cume Duplication Percent and Ethnic Composition Listener Estimates reports will also remain available in eBook, the PDF options for these reports will no longer be available.