Navigation product and technology developer TomTom has launched TomTom Audio Traffic, which provides personalized traffic reports delivered in voice, which can be incorporated into applications such as music streaming services, internet radio and voice assistants.

Personalized traffic information is one of the most requested features from drivers, yet TomTom notes that some don’t necessarily want to use turn-by-turn navigation systems that include traffic information about the planned route. TomTom Audio Traffic was created to deliver an accurate traffic bulletin that is relevant to the specific route the driver is already on.

The service is available as an Application Programming Interface (API), making it available for developers to incorporate into various platforms. It was developed with Duel, a provider of smart media applications, and is based on the companies TomTom Live Traffic service.

“TomTom Audio Traffic is the next generation of radio traffic bulletins, offering an incredible opportunity for companies that want to capture the ears of the driver,” TomTom VP of traffic and travel Ralf-Peter Schäfer said.

TomTom is no stranger to radio. A number of individual radio groups and The Broadcasters Traffic Consortium (BTC) have worked with it and other tech companies to piggyback traffic data on HD Radio broadcasts.