Media Monitors

With the travel season revved up for the summer season, tourism bureaus are turning up the heat to attract visitors to their cities, towns and beaches. Traditional media are reaping the benefits, as network television, cable TV and radio stations take in thousands of national ads. Leading the charge at radio is the Idaho Division of Tourism Development, with 6,645 spots run nationally, according to Media Monitors, which tracks advertising in 85 markets.

The top 10 tourism bureaus touting their destinations over radio, after Idaho, are: Asheville, NC (6,413 ads), Asheville Ocean City, Md. (4,133), Virginia (4,061), Louisiana (3,810), North Carolina (3,549), Reno-Tahoe, NV (3,248), Central City, CO (2,961), St. Petersburg-Clearwater, FL (2,478) and Denver, CO (2,356).

A number of tourism commissions advertise across multiple traditional platforms, including West Palm Beach, FL, which dedicated 234 ads to cable TV and twice as many, 526 to radio; and Ocean City, NJ (not Maryland, as above), with 100 ads at radio, 373 at network TV and 99 at cable TV; and Glenwood Springs, CO, focused on radio with 257 spots, 117 at network TV and 117 on cable.

Media Monitors notes that while “national brands funnel their marketing efforts mainly through cable and TV, most of the top 10 local travel and tourism advertisers primarily reached their target audience through radio.” In fact, four of the top 10 – Central City CO Tourism, Black Hawk CO Tourism, Surfside Beach SC Tourism, and AR Delta Byways Tourism – aired all of their advertising on radio.