TuneIn 375

TuneIn has launched commercial-free news access for premium subscribers that will feature live breaking news from CNBC, Fox News Talk and MSNBC, along with podcast and on-demand content from Progressive Voices, The Economist and The Wall Street Journal. Subscribers can choose their news source and when the network goes to commercials, they will instead hear content and news they may have missed.

For example, if a TuneIn premium subscriber was listening to Fox New Talk’s “Benson & Harf” evening program, when the network goes to commercial break, those minutes might be filled by a snippet of an interview broadcast earlier in middays on “The Brian Kilmeade Show.”

"In a world of non-stop breaking news and information overload, we believe it is critical to provide uninterrupted perspective on today's top issues and events so our millions of listeners can stay connected and make well informed decisions," TuneIn chief content officer Kevin Straley said. "We are thrilled to provide consumers with a commercial free option."