Streaming audio platform TuneIn has created a new sonic logo in an effort to further brand the service and assure listeners know where they are accessing their audio content in the fast-evolving screenless ecosystem.

The new sonic logo, which can be sampled here, was developed in partnership with Listen, and is unveiled as TuneIn announces 56% year-over-year growth in global listening consumption on connected devices.

“In partnering with the world’s leading voice assistants and devices, our learnings point to a screenless listening experience that has become a way of life, marking a true audio renaissance,” TuneIn CEO Juliette Morris said in a release. “As voice continues to fuel unprecedented growth in audio, the unveiling of our new sonic logo is timely as we seek to creatively market and extend our brand identity as a leader in audio to literally and figuratively ‘speak’ to our listeners to let them know they are on TuneIn when there is no screen for a visual cue.”

Audio branding has never been more important, the IAB said in a recent whitepaper. “A world where consumer touchpoints are increasingly screen-less is rapidly approaching, and it is imperative for brands to represent themselves without visuals,” the whitepaper, “Recommendations for Marketers in a Screenless World,” suggests.

At the recent CES in Las Vegas, Mastercard unveiled its first-ever branded music single, a collaboration with Swedish artist Nadine Randle. The song, “Merry Go Round,” is the first single for an upcoming album released by Mastercard integrating the sonic brand, due to launch later in 2020. Randle performed the song at iHeartMedia’s “Live @ CES” event.