Veritone signs “Rhett & Link,” Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal, hosts of the YouTube program “Good Mythical Morning,” for use of its software. The product creates “hyper-realistic” synthetic voices, which personalities can use to record endorsement spots and product testimonials.

The synthetic voice technology will allow the hosts, who are founders of Mythical Entertainment, to localize their program, develop new monetization channels and leverage their branded voices to create new content opportunities.

“Synthetic voice is a fascinating technology and surely part of the future of media,” the two said in a release. “Taking our already innovative content to new technological heights will not only provide additional distribution and monetization options for our content but also allow us to reach more viewers around the world.”

In May, Inside Radio took a deep dive on the Veritone tool, speaking with company President Ryan Steelberg.

Coleman Insights also wrote about the use of AI in the radio industry in a recent blog post.

“Like it or not (and I’ll bet many of our readers don’t like,) artificial intelligence is coming for the audio industry,” Associate Consultant/Marketing Director Jay Nachlis wrote. “Imagine how this technology could transform local radio commercial production, and maybe it’s not all bad. Production directors no longer chasing down jocks after their shift to voice spots they didn’t want to do anyway.”

Veritone is joined by Speechelo and WellSaid Labs as companies who are marketing AI voice technology tools.

“Voice AI will improve over the coming years, and it will improve dramatically,” Nachlis continued. However, as he points out in the blog post, automated voices cannot “create compelling content that emotionally connects with the audience.”