DTS Autostage

The product is largely the same but the name is new. Tech giant Xperi has rebranded DTS Connected Radio as DTS AutoStage.

Xperi says it integrated TiVo’s music metadata and personalized content discovery engine with the DTS Connected Radio platform after the company merged with TiVo in June 2020. “This created a next-gen infotainment platform that is truly global and immersive and we felt that the name DTS AutoStage better represented the scope and future implications of the product,” the company said in a statement provided to Inside Radio Wednesday evening. Building on its market experience with HD Radio and the Connected Radio platform, the company says DTS AutoStage will offer “an unparalleled, multimedia in-car experience.”

The hybrid radio system, which has been adopted by Daimler and is expected to spread to other automakers, pairs over-the-air broadcast content with IP-delivered metadata information – about on-air content such as talent, artist, song, lyrics, related events and podcasts – to create a more engaging listening experience. The technology also enables a seamless transition for the listener from broadcast to internet stream when the vehicle drives out of a station’s signal range.

The company was referring to the product using the new handle during a Wednesday afternoon presentation as part of Jacobs Media’s Virtual Tour of CES for Broadcasters. The presentation included a trio of slickly produced videos and a conversation between Joe D’Angelo, Xperi Senior Vice President of Radio, and JM President Fred Jacobs.

The ability to personalize media was one of CES 2021’s themes and D’Angelo said the merger with TiVo will help bring that to DTS Auto Stage, without providing specifics. “What we are able to bring now thanks to the TiVo expertise, in terms of personalization and recommendations, will help ensure radio retains that prominent position in the dash,” D’Angelo said.

In November 2020, Xperi announced the Mercedes-Benz S-Class will offer the new advanced radio technology as part of the Daimler MB User Experience under a partnership with Daimler. During its third quarter 2020 earnings call, Xperi CEO Jon Kirchner said he expects Daimler “to roll the platform out more broadly across their product line.”

During the Jacobs tour, D’Angelo said the deal with Daimler is just the beginning of the product’s rollout in the U.S. “We’re working with all 46 major car manufacturers. It’s literally just a matter of time before you see this in a wide range of branded vehicles,” he explained.

In December Entercom said its Radio.com streaming audio platform had been integrated into the DTS platform. In addition to Entercom-owned stations streaming on the platform, the integration includes the full portfolio of the app’s radio station partners, which will be represented in the ecosystem.

“We’ve designed it for broadcasters as a free platform they can participate in,” D’Angelo told Jacobs. “We deliver all the controls, all the editorial assurances that what content the broadcaster wants to display adjacent to their audio is passed through our system seamlessly.”

Meanwhile, DTS AutoStage won a 2021 BIG Innovation Award. Presented by The Business Intelligence Group, the award “recognizes products that are bringing new ideas to life in innovative ways, and changing the way we experience the world.”