SBS 375

The National Labor Relations Board has issued a second complaint against Spanish Broadcasting System for allegedly refusing to bargain in good faith and numerous labor violations, according to union SAG-AFTRA. The NLRB has set a trial date for Oct. 8, 2019.

“SBS was trying to run out the clock in an attempt to end negotiations. As a result of our fighting back, we are one step closer to achieving a fair first contract for our SBS members,” said SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris, in a release. “We will not stop until we achieve for SBS members what is due to them.”

In a second, strongly worded statement, SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director David White added, “SBS’s bad-faith negotiating and continued push back in bargaining sessions on our living-wage increase proposals is at odds with its current revenue growth. It is clear that our members are helping SBS grow and compete in a crowded Hispanic media market. They deserve a fair first contract so they can continue their great work.”

SAG-AFTRA has been fighting for the rights of unionized employees at three of the Spanish language broadcaster’s stations – “La Raza” KLAX-FM and “Mega 96.3” KXOL-FM Los Angeles, and “La Ley 107.9” WLEY-FM Chicago, as Inside Radio reported. WLEY-FM talent voted to form a union represented by SAG-AFTRA in September 2018. The Los Angeles stations joined in 2016. Last month, the union took the ongoing battle with SBS front and center as the company held its annual stockholders meeting in Miami. The union placed a billboard directly outside SBS headquarters calling on company executives and investors to do right by their on-air talent.

In the upcoming trial, SAG-AFTRA is seeking from SBS monetary compensation to affected unionized employees “because of SBS’s unilateral changes, including unlawful discipline, exclusion from health care benefits, and failure to assign work to unionized employees; strict instructions for SBS to maintain structured good-faith bargaining with SAG-AFTRA; and bargaining expenses,” the union outlined. “SAG-AFTRA will settle for nothing less than a fair contract.”

SBS operates Spanish-language radio stations in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Puerto Rico and Miami, and owns La Mega TV.