Keith Mills

Veteran radio and TV broadcaster Keith Mills is retiring from WBAL Baltimore, after some 40 years talking sports. He has worked for the past 13 years at “NewsRadio 1090” WBAL-AM, which airs news, talk and sports. “Come Friday, Mills will retire, having left his mark on three TV and two radio stations, probed hundreds of personalities, won an Emmy, earned the Maryland Sportscaster of the Year award and brought high school sports to the fore and curried the favor of folks in his hometown,” The Baltimore Sun reports. Mills’ legacy also includes an addiction to painkillers while battling both back and ankle injuries—and an arrest because of it in 2006, when Mills broke into a home and stole medications from a cancer-stricken neighbor. He ended up in house arrest and was fired from WMAR-TV, where he’d reported sports for nearly 20 years. “It was my fault. I knew exactly what I was doing. I was out of control,” he now says. Soon after, WBAL sought his help with its Preakness coverage. His probation officer agreed, and Mills was back on the air in Baltimore.