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A Million Ads, the ad tech company that marketers use to help tailor their campaigns, has announced it is partnering with two ad selling platforms. The company will work with Triton Digital and Adform, which will give A Million Ads’ clients access to more digital audio inventory. 

The Triton Digital alliance will mean clients will have access to the a2x programmatic sales platform, where inventory for both streaming music and podcast content is available to advertisers. A Million Ads will also use Triton’s supply-side platform, Yield-OP, which will enable clients to connect to other demand-side platforms. 

Separately, the partnership with the ad tech company Adform comes as Adform is introducing dynamic audio ad insertion to its clients. Adform operates in about 30 countries, including the U.S. 

A Million Ads CEO Steve Dunlop says the two alliances will allow clients to benefit from “greater efficiencies and new integrations” in the audio space. “Triton is an obvious partner given their global reach and many partnerships within the audio ecosystem,” Dunlop said. “Meanwhile, Adform, is a very exciting opportunity for us and the partnership is already generating interest from an entirely new audience.” 

In April, A Million Ads announced it had launched Studio:Podcast. It’s a dynamic audio personalization tool, built specially for podcast advertisers which the company says enables brands and advertisers to create personalized digital audio commercials that are delivered to users while they listen to their favorite podcasts. It does that by contextualizing the creative with the name, genre or category of the podcast, the type of device the listener is using, their location and how many times they have heard the message. A Million Ads says it brings scale and efficiency to the creative process, while at the same time resulting in better performing, more effective campaigns.

The Swedish-based podcast platform Acast was the laboratory for a pilot project last fall. It ran a campaign for the U.K. mobile phone company iD Mobile that allowed the carrier to create 23,100 versions of the same spot and serve them up to podcast listeners based on a variety of parameters. They included such things as time of day, listening location, weather, what podcast they’re listening to, or the device the listener is using to hear the podcast, Dunlop said. Acast created a similar campaign for the U.K. bank Natwest.

“Making advertising a positive experience for the podcast listener is crucial,” said Oskar Serrander, Acast’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We spend a lot of time making sure the advertisers we work with get their message across to the leaned-in podcast audience in a way that works for advertisers, listeners and podcasters alike. Studio:Podcast from A Million Ads is truly solving this problem.”