Put a city dwelling married couple and their dog in an RV and send them on a cross-country road trip to visit America’s national parks. That’s the experience Brad and Matt Kirouac have just completed as they turn their journey into the new podcast Parklandia! for the iHeartPodcast Network.

“The national park system is home to some of the most beautiful land and wildlife you are ever going to see and they belong to everyone,” said Brad Kirouac. The road trip began when the couple packed up their Chicago home and bought an RV and set off. The journey took them from the Florida Everglades to the deserts of the Southwest and the Redwood forests of California. And as much as the podcast is about the natural beauty they encountered, the show will also discuss life on the road and what it’s really like to live full-time in a mobile home.

Matt Kirouac says the podcast will “go beyond your typical sightseeing guides for conversations about ecology, climate change, life on the road, and the fun you can have as we explore the culture in and around the parks.”

Parklandia! debuts August 7.