The ABC News-produced podcast COVID-19: What You Need to Know is becoming a daily program. Hosted by anchor and correspondent Aaron Katersky, it features the latest headlines and updates on the coronavirus outbreak, as well as ABC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton answering questions from social media. Each episode will run about 25 minutes.

The coronavirus outbreak last week led to the creation of a daily OTT program called “Covid 19: What You Need To Know” on ABC News Live, the network’s streaming video news channel. Hosted by a rotating group of anchors, the weekday show airing at noon (ET) will also be simulcast on ABC News Radio. Katersky will extend that with radio-specific content.

In a related move, the nightly television news show “Nightline” will focus on a single subject matter for the foreseeable future – that topic, of course, is the coronavirus. The program’s move to single-topic coverage is a return to its roots when “Nightline” launched 40 years ago with daily news updates on the 444-day-long Iran hostage crisis.

“In times of global crisis, we as journalists have a public service to give our viewers the essential information they need to stay informed and help them make any decisions for their own and their family’s well being,” Steven Baker, Executive Producer of “Nightline,” said in a statement. “This type of in-depth daily coverage is in the show’s DNA. After all, it was 40 years ago that our show began with daily news updates on the Iran hostage crisis.”