ABC Aussie Study

The ABC 2019 Podcast Survey presented at Australia’s podcast industry conference, OzPod, revealed that listeners are mighty engaged: Among those who tuned into any podcast over the previous week, an average of six podcast episodes were listened to. Respondents also said they prefer original content over replays or reimagined radio podcasts; the vast majority (76%) of episodes listened to in the past month were original.

The comprehensive 27-page fourth-annual ABC Podcast Survey, completed by more than 2,500 podcast listeners, also shares that 89% of Australians are now aware of podcasting, with younger demos tuning in the most: The most prevalent is 25-34 (32%), followed by 35-44 (21%), 18-24 (19%), 45-54 (11%), and both 55-64 and 65+ (8%).

Among other findings, listening retention remains high, with 80% of podcasts accessed over the past week listened to the entire way through. And here’s an interesting factoid: Older listeners 55+ prefer podcasts as a means to catch up on broadcast radio programs (65%), while younger listeners prefer the entertainment value (86% of those 14-34). Among all ages, folks tune in to be entertained (79%), to learn new things (75%), to be informed (70%), while multi-tasking (62%), to listen to audio whenever and wherever (55%), and as an alternative to radio (47%). Comedy podcasts appeal to younger audiences (14–34) while Society & Culture and Health & Lifestyle appeal more to older listeners (55+).

The research also finds that one in two podcast listeners (51%) claim to be overwhelmed by the increasing number of podcasts available in the ever-burgeoning marketplace. Discovery is led by word of mouth (77%), recommendations by other podcasts (67%) and social media (57%).

“At Home” remains the most popular location for podcast listening (76%), although a large portion of listeners 14-34 are listening while they are “out and about.” The smartphone remains the top device for accessing podcasts, at 85%.