The podcast hosting and analytics platform Acast has been rapidly expanding into the European market during the past year and now its mobile app is catching up. The company is adding four new languages: Swedish, French, German, and Spanish. “As the largest global podcast company offering a number of products to our content creators as well as to advertisers, it is important that also we reflect the needs of our listeners, wherever they are,” the company says in an announcement.

Acast was founded in Sweden five years ago but its apps have always been in English, which it calls the “universal language” for mobile apps. But it says podcasting is “growing like wildfire all around the world” and that makes it a good time to grow the Acast app’s language options. “We have also seen significant growth in listens in other European countries,” it says. “There have been over 130 million listens to Acast podcasts across France, Germany, Spain and Sweden in 2019 so far.” In March Acast expanded into France, citing an appetite for French-language podcasts.

“We have big plans — global expansion is a real focus for Acast in 2019 and beyond, as well as working with content in as many different languages as possible,” CEO Ross Adams said. Part of that global push will come through a partnership Acast struck last fall with Spotify to distribute the podcasts it hosts on the music streaming app worldwide.

Acast saw its overall revenue grow by 86%, in 2018 and the number of podcasters in its network grew by more than 93%. Today Acast has over 170 million listens per month globally.