The podcast hosting and analytics platform Acast is making the first acquisition since its birth five years ago. The company has struck a deal to buy rival Pippa and expand its reach into podcasters of any size. Until now, Acast’s tools have been available only to podcasts with an established number of listeners. Terms of the deal weren’t made public.

Based in Stockholm, Acast bills itself as the largest global podcast company. In addition to hosting, it offers analytics tools and monetization for podcasters, including a marketplace for advertisers. Now with Pippa it will be able to reach into the marketplace for smaller, independent shows. “Together, Pippa and Acast represent a comprehensive solution for all podcasters, whatever their size,” it said in an announcement of the deal. Acast also credits Pippa for building a “simple, sleek, easy to use” platform.

“This acquisition meaningfully accelerates our growth and will move Acast forward in our mission to empower podcasters of every size and help them connect with audiences around the world,” CEO Ross Adams said in a statement. “We were extremely impressed by what the Pippa team has built and we’re excited to pour fuel on the flames now that Pippa is part of the Acast team.”

Combined with Pippa, Acast will now have more than 7,000 shows including podcasts from publishers such as BBC, Financial Times, Economist, Vice, Vogue and Yahoo. Acast has presence around the world including in the U.S., Canada, UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, New Zealand, and most recently it added France to its map.

“Acquiring Pippa is a natural step for us as the leading podcasting company in the world,” said Leandro Saucedo, Acast’s Chief Business Officer. “Acast has been an essential part of professionalizing the industry and implementing modern and digital metrics to the podcast ecosystem.”

New York-based Pippa was founded in 2016 by TED and iHeartRadio veterans Simon Marcus, Timothy Voice, and Erwan Jegouzo. And despite its small size—it has just four employees—Pippa has worked with some of the very largest podcast publishers in Europe as well as major brands like Sony, Avon, Marriott, and Microsoft that have also chosen it to host their shows.

“We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve built at Pippa—a product that podcasters genuinely love,” Marcus said in a statement. “We’ve long admired Acast as the premier podcast company in the world, so we’re confident that our forces combined will accelerate Acast’s success in serving and spurring the growth of podcasters, advertisers, and listeners worldwide.”

In a blog post, Pippa tells podcasters using its platform—or “pipsters” as it has dubbed them—that the sale is “an important, necessary, and extremely exciting leap forward” for the company. It also tells users Pippa will continue to operate. “Your podcast is safe and sound with Pippa ,” the post says, adding the two companies are already working on some new products. “Joining Acast is an opportunity for us to flex harder and work faster, so you can look forward to some really exciting new stuff in the months to come.”