Dixio.com 2020

Acast launched its Mexican business in February and now it is diving deeper into the Latin American market. It has formed a partnership with the Spanish-language podcast network Dixo. Together the two companies will develop Spanish-language podcasts leveraging Acast’s global footprint to distribute those shows to audiences around the world.

Dany Saadia, CEO and founder of Dixo, was an early adopter of the podcast format. Dixo began its foray into podcasting in Mexico in 2005. The film industry veteran saw podcasts as a way to expand storytelling in Latin America, with Dixo’s focus today on transforming written scripts into audio pieces that can reach audiences wherever they are.

“A podcast with high-quality production and a well-written script attracts listeners in a way that’s unique to other media formats, often fostering a special community of listeners,” said Saadia. “As we move into our next phase of massive growth, Acast will enable us to elevate our reach and get our programming in front of even more listeners.”

Acast will host, distribute and monetize Dixo’s podcast programming. The move will allow Dixo shows to not only reach new audiences, but to attract new advertising partners.

Under the slogan, “We are podcasts,” Dixo produces 14 weekly shows for the “Dixo Casters” network. It is also working on two upcoming shows for “Dixo Originals,” which are limited series of sci-fi, true crime, and other genres.Since its launch, Dixo has produced and curated more than 5,000 podcasts to date, including science fiction, cinema, economics, literature, politics, wellness and nutrition shows.

The PwC Global Entertainment and Media Outlook projects there will be 31.5 million podcast listeners in Mexico by 2022.