Acast 220

Acast has launched a new ad campaign encouraging aspiring podcasters to take their first steps in audio, by highlighting the company’s 35,000-strong global podcast network. Developed with agency partner Weirdo, the ads include paid buys on social and print media as well as running across Acast’s own lineup of shows.

“Podcasting is on fire. At Acast we’re seeing so many successful creators from other mediums and platforms — from comedy to journalism, YouTube to TikTok — bringing those ideas over to podcasting,” said Acast SVP of Marketing Lizzy Pollott. “Rise Above The Noise encourages others like them to take that first step in joining the thriving creator economy in podcasting.”

The “Rise Above The Noise” campaign features Acast creators including John Iadarola from TYT’s The Damage Report, Liv Albert of Let’s Talk about Myths, Baby! and Cenk Uygur from The Young Turks. They share their experiences in growing and monetizing their ideas both in the U.S. and around the world, to inspire other would-be podcasters to take the mic.

“The creative idea is our call to arms for the next generation of talented podcasters – people with unique voices and serious ambitions,” said Louis Persent, Creative Director at Weirdo. In the visual creative, we’ve brought that to life by playing with a series of stacking shapes inspired by the Acast logo.”

The ad campaign will run through year-end.