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On the heels of an Acast survey that found that one of ten people (12.4%) that it quizzed in the U.K. said they were planning to start a podcast this year, the company has launched an ad campaign that will offer some encouragement. The campaign will look back at the first words uttered on some of the biggest podcasts from its network of more than 35,000 shows. 

Dubbed the “First Words” campaign, it will feature the opening lines of the very first episodes of well-known podcasts from around the world, through which Acast says it aims to inspire creators to start shows of their own. 

The campaign features the first words from across Acast’s portfolio of podcasts globally, including Off Menu, The Adam Buxton Podcast, Forever35, Dope Black Mums, and The Little Dum Dum Club, among others. 

“Even the longest podcasting journeys start with just one step,” said Lizzy Pollott, SVP Marketing Communications and Brand at Acast, “Every podcaster — from Adam Buxton to your friend down the road — has had to start somewhere, and take that leap. Our new campaign hopes to inspire people to get started with their show and find their voice and audience.”

The campaign will also feature amusing videos with podcasters being challenged to try and remember their own first words — as well as sharing insight into how they themselves took those first steps.

The campaign was developed with agency partner Weirdo. Ads will appear across paid social media ads as well as use Acast’s own inventory of 300 million monthly podcast listens.

“By rewinding hundreds of Acast podcasts we’ve found the humble first words of shows that have ended up being listened to millions of times around the world,” said Pollott. “Some are funny, some shocking, some a little bit silly, but they all prove that — however, you want to start telling your story — Acast will help get it heard.”