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With the marketplace for branded podcasts continuing to mushroom, a trio of radio vets aims to build a talent pool to help meet demand for experienced hosts. David Cannon and Ritchie Beams, better known as Ace & TJ of the syndicated “Ace & TJ Show,” have launched Podcast Access in a partnership with Adam Goodman, owner of voiceover casting service VoiceHunter.com .The goal is to provide corporate entities launching branded content with professional hosts and co-hosts. 

Set to launch in fall 2019, the company says it will rely on its extensive radio experience – Ace & TJ have 30 years of radio experience – to make sure the quality of the podcast reflects the quality of the brand. 

"We've been blessed throughout our careers to have worked with and befriended the most talented people in the business,” Cannon (Ace) said in a press release. “We are excited to be able to use this amazing new platform to help brands achieve their marketing objectives with the most professional podcasts featuring the very best, media savvy hosts and co-hosts available."

The company says it’s looking for performers with at least 10 years of experience creating audio for radio, TV or podcasting. The shop will operate on a non-exclusive basis, allowing talent to set their own rates and determine the projects they want to work on from offers provided by brands. 

Beams (TJ) says the company will provide the “missing piece” of experienced talent for the branded podcast marketplace. "We're tired of seeing so many great concepts for podcasts out there not live up to their potential because of the inexperience of the hosts. These are smart people with relatable messages, and it's a shame so many go unnoticed simply because they don't possess the basic building blocks of broadcasting.”

Originating at iHeartMedia CHR “Channel 96.1” WHQC Charlotte, NC, the “Ace & TJ Show” is syndicated in the Southeast by Red Button Network.

Both hosts and Goodman plan to interview potential talent at Morning Show Bootcamp in Chicago, Aug. 8-9 and at Podcast Movement in Orlando, Aug. 14-15.