The ad tech company Amobee is integrating its digital ad-selling platform with Triton Digital’s programmatic audio marketplace, allowing Amobee’s TV and digital clients to seamlessly buy digital audio and podcast advertising. Through the integration, Amobee clients will now be able to make global, targeted, brand-safe audio ad buys through both open marketplace and private marketplace deals alongside all digital programmatic planning.

Bryan Everett, Senior VP of Business Development at Amobee says digital audio and podcast inventory “have become critically important vehicles” for their clients to reach their targeted audience “in a relevant, engaging and meaningful manner during this time of unprecedented disruption of our daily lives.” 

Triton’s programmatic marketplace offers a wide array of ad opportunities on premium content produced by radio companies, podcasters, news organizations, professional sports leagues and streaming audio platforms, among others. John Rosso, President of Market at Triton Digital, said the addition of audio will benefit Amobee users. “The inclusion of this powerful, efficient and highly targetable inventory in their buys will undoubtedly enable them to increase their scale, reach their target audiences with relevant, meaningful messaging, and increase their revenue,” he said in a statement.

The addition of Amobee is the latest in a series of integrations announced by Triton during the past year, including several in 2020. In March it announced it integrated with DBSgroep’s media sales solution called RTVPLAN. In January it partnered with Instreamatic, a company that connects media companies and advertisers with voice-activated advertising.And Triton also announced it had linked with of the biggest advertising exchanges when Rubicon Project’s digital exchange began featuring inventory from Triton Digital’s marketplace.