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Two of podcasting’s biggest companies are joining hands in a partnership designed to make the medium more attractive by making it easier to buy and manage. Podcast technology company Voxnest and Audioboom, a platform that distributes, monetizes and produces podcasts, say they have been working on the development of an advertising system that will be able to deliver ads across Audioboom's inventory of podcasts.

The alliance began last year when Audioboom started looking to expand the use of technology in how advertising is delivered to shows it hosts and sells inventory for. After it decided to work with Voxnest, the two companies then spent months building and testing a system that not only relied on what each had developed during the past few years but also put advances in software technology to use. 

The result is what the companies say is a Voxnest advertising tool that seamlessly connects to Audioboom's hosting and distribution platform. Audioboom's premium network of 250 shows will now have the option for host endorsements and live reads to be delivered at scale, targeted to location, or delivered against a show's archive in order to optimize podcast revenue. And for Audioboom's wider group of podcast partners—such as A+E Networks and the Associated Press in the U.S.—it will deliver advertising across the entire network, connecting to ad-networks and programmatic exchanges to maximize ad fill.

"For the first time we have a system that's fast, scalable, cost-efficient, easy to operate, and fully adapted for both dynamic host endorsements and spot sales," said Lance Paterson, Audioboom's VP of Research. "It also comes with a highly effective Yield Ops system to connect our inventory directly to major advertising partners, and a full suite of APIs that make expansion and development simplicity itself.” He said the two companies are already at work to improve the system with future updates expected to include the addition of metrics systems and a number of other technical advances.

“Our goal is to create advertising technologies that allow businesses to capitalize on all their new and archived content and unsold ad spots with our easy programmatic exchange integrations," Voxnest President Francesco Baschieri said in a statement. “We're thrilled to put our knowledge to work alongside a company like Audioboom who are always up for innovating in the audio space.”

As more brand advertisers discover on-demand audio, podcasters say the pressure is on to improve ad tech as more marketers seek to buy the medium using programmatic platforms. Audioboom says it opted to align itself with Voxnext because it has native support of VAST and OpenRTB integrations which, in non-tech terms, means it will be immediately connectable to all major audio programmatic exchanges, something the company says was a “big draw” as it was considering its options.