Spotify’s $150 million acquisition of Anchor FM, the software company that podcasters use to create and distribute their shows, was a less obvious move than its deals for podcast producers Gimlet Media or Parcast. Now the aim of the Anchor purchase is beginning to come into focus. Spotify has begun testing a button that encourages users to create their own podcast using Anchor technology. The move was first detected by tech sleuth Jane Manchun Wong, who shared a promo page in a Twitter post and noted there’s also an international version.

The Spotify mobile app promotes the podcast creation tool that, once tapped, will send users to a webpage encouraging them to download the Anchor app to begin recording a show right from their smartphone. Not only will it boost the number of podcasts on Spotify, but the move seems to be designed to get users more familiar with what podcasts are and potentially listen to more of them.

Anchor is just one way Spotify has been promoting the creation of podcasts. Soundtrap was acquired by Spotify in November 2017 and in May it unveiled a virtual studio program aimed at making it easier for podcasters to create their shows. Soundtrap for Storytellers was designed to serve as a content funnel to Spotify as it aims to play a bigger role in podcast consumption. “The platform itself was built around solving some of the biggest pain points for podcasters—and providing one, streamlined platform that contains every part of the podcast creation process.” said Per Emanuelsson, co-founder of Soundtrap.

Despite its billing as a one-stop solution, there are limitations to Soundtrap For Storytellers. Shows won’t be distributed to other listening platforms—including Apple Podcasts, where 60% of listening is still done—and no analytics are offered. Spotify will also charge podcasters $15 per month to use the platform, with lower rates for annual plans.