apple vs spotify220

Apple may still have several multiples of podcast listeners than what Spotify claims in the U.S., the world’s biggest market for podcast consumption. Apple also holds the lead in most of the other countries where podcasting has taken root, like Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. But globally the race is much tighter in a lot of markets, especially those that aren’t English-speaking. Voxnest’s latest update also shows how when one country tips, another can follow.

That’s most notable in Portugal where Voxnest says the explosive growth in podcast listening in Brazil is creating a wealth of Portuguese-language shows. Ibope released data in May which showed 40% of internet users in Brazil have listened to a podcast. It has sprouted a field of shows and Voxnest says some of the Portugal’s top listened to podcasts last month hail from Brazil. And so Spotify, which already had a lead in Brazil, now also beats Apple in Portugal too. “We believe that Spotify’s claim on Portugal is the most significant takeover from August, and has the explosive podcasting growth of Brazil to thank,” Voxnest says in its update. 



During the past month Spotify also overtook Apple in Algeria, Africa’s largest country. Yet the European market is where another real battle seems to be at the moment. Voxnest calls it a “hotbed for audio and podcast growth.” The latest data shows the action is in southern Europe where Spotify overtook Apple in Bulgaria while Apple reclaimed its title in Romania.