apple year end report

This was the year that Spotify gave a multimillion dollar embrace to podcasting, powered by more than $400 million of acquisitions. “This year was a big one for podcast growth on Spotify. There are now more than 500,000 podcast titles available, and our podcast audience has grown by more than 50% since the start of the year,” the company said in a blog post

Illustrating that the listening app can be a consumption destiny, three of Spotify’s most-streamed podcasts during the past year were Spotify Original shows that benefited from promotion on the platform. Its most-streamed show was The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal, a Spotify-produced show, followed by Exactly Right Media’s My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff. Third and fourth place are also held by two Spotify Originals: the German-language Gemischtes Hack and Fest & Flauschig. And at No. 5 is the independent The Misfits Podcast. Among the other big Spotify Original podcasts this year were Serial Killers and Germany’s Herrengedeck – Der Podcast. “The most-streamed podcast genre of 2019 was comedy, showing that laughter is truly universal,” said the Spotify announcement.

Apple meantime released its annual list of bests—and for the first time it showcased some podcasts. The company didn’t say they were the most listened-to shows, however. The selections are instead made by the App Store editorial team.

Apple selected NPR’s White Lies as the best true crime podcast for 2019. It also named QCode’s Carrier as the best fiction podcast and the New York Times-produced 1619 as the best history podcast.