Apple Spotify x

Voxnest has been mining data collected as part of its advertising-focused Voxnest Audience Network for the past six months to offer insight into how the faceoff between Apple and Spotify around the globe is playing out. Each month it reported as Apple lost its lead as the dominant listening platform in more countries. That trend continued into September as Voxnest reports Spotify overtook Apple in six more markets: Norway, France, Romania, Tunisia, Morocco and Israel.

Apple may still rule in the U.S., but in most of the world Google’s Android-based phones are more popular, with three of every four smartphones using that operating system. Voxnest says that’s working to Spotify’s advantage since it has an ability to tap into the Android market in a way that Apple can’t. It also credits several improvements to Spotify’s podcast interface, the release of Spotify Originals content, and the expansion of its subscription offerings in 14 more countries as further helping tilt the global market in its direction. The flip of the French market is also noteworthy since Spotify, like several other podcast companies, has been focused on that country this year.

“Unless Apple begins making some serious countermoves, we believe Spotify’s aggressive approach to be seen as the global leader will continue to work in their favor,” Voxnest said in a blog post.