The podcast hosting and monetization company Art19 quietly launched a podcast marketplace in April that it said would match advertisers with podcasts on a listener-by-listener basis. Now four months later, the company says the marketplace is selling ads across more than 200 podcasts and both brand and direct response advertisers have seen early success.

Using the marketplace, advertisers can target Art19 podcast listeners across thousands of segments, and the company also offers targeting by show category and geography. Art19 Chief Revenue Officer Lex Friedman said in the announcement that such precise targeting allows ad buyers to craft personalized messages on a listener-by-listener basis. “We're bringing the smarts and effectiveness of digital advertising to podcasts,” he said. Art19 tells Podcast News Daily they are in conversations with “hundreds” of advertisers about the new marketplace and interest has been high with a lot of ad buyers saying they’ve been waiting for such an approach to come to podcasting.

Currently invitation-only, Art19 says among the launch publishers utilizing the marketplace are Headgum, Macmillan, Kast Media, The Paragon Collective and Techmeme/Ride Home Media.

“Our advertisers appreciate that targeting means every listener hearing their ad is pre-qualified,” Chief Operating Officer Korri Kolesa said. “And listeners appreciate hearing ads that consistently feel relevant to them.”

Art19’s marketplace reflects the company’s pivot from focusing exclusively on hosting and dynamic ad insertion technology to expanding into providing direct monetization for its hosting customers. That led to last February’s hiring of both Kolesa and Friedman, both of whom had previously worked at Stitcher/Midroll Media.