Art19, the podcast hosting, content management, monetization and measurement platform, has released a new inventory management and forecasting platform it says will allow sales reps to better forecast and manage dynamic ad inventory across podcast catalogs, including new and old episodes. By adding the new ad tech tools, Art19 says it will open untapped revenue streams.

“For as long as we’ve been in business, our network customers have been clamoring for better inventory management and forecasting tools,” said CEO Sean Carr. “The number of variables that go into doing this properly, however, presented a monumental challenge. This release has been in the making for two years.” The update was released this week, but Art19 said it is currently only available to select customers.

Inventory analytics tools are common in the rest of digital media. Art19 says their absence in the podcasting space has led to inaccurate and incomplete understandings of podcast inventory. And that has left ad dollars on the table as inventory went unsold, even as some clients didn’t meet their campaign impression goals.

The company’s Inventory Management and Forecasting Platform is a consolidated system that includes forecasting episode downloads and displaying available ad inventory. The platform considers historical show data, along with time of day, day of week and seasonality, among other data points. For shows with little historical data, Art19 developed lookalike models to help create an initial predictive structure, until the forecast can be driven by the show’s own accrued data.

Art19 said its platform repeatedly simulates 15 months of listening across entire network catalogs. And its forecasts are continuously updated to reflect the latest sales and ad trafficking settings. That allows users to understand how ads will be distributed, even when multiple campaigns target the same shows. There are also filters to show available inventory, which allows sales reps to determine what’s available to meet an advertiser’s needs.

“Now you can finally sell the right amount of ad space and know whether your campaigns are likely to over- or under-deliver. That means better optimization, happier clients and higher revenue,” Carr said in the announcement.

Art19 is already working on future updates for the Inventory Management Platform to include an integrated Order Management System (OMS) and API support. The OMS will be one centralized place for all of the information from sales and ad ops, including campaigns, targets, goals and avails. It will also offer the ability to place holds.