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Audioburst is launching a new service designed to bring its audio content search and discovery platform into a variety of podcast and music streaming apps. While providing incremental, recurring revenue for the thousands of app developers looking to increase app monetization, it is also a move the company says will help podcasters reach new audiences.

Audioburst’s AI technology listens to, analyzes, and indexes hundreds of millions of minutes of audio content, including podcasts and streaming radio. The content is segmented to short audio clips – or “bursts” – that are then aggregated into playlists. Users enjoy a recommended content stream based on trending topics, past behaviors, and defined interest areas. Content is updated 24/7 from thousands of sources and optimized by Audioburst’s patent-pending technology, which it says results in the ability to uniquely personalize every experience.

Audioburst says its new Platform for Apps is the first podcast feed for mobile apps. Developers behind apps from everything from travel and navigation apps to fitness and shopping will be able to integrate audio using Audioburst’s software development kit (SDK) and bring along with it an audio player than can integrate content via its application programming interface (API).

“At Audioburst, our mission is to champion the entire podcast ecosystem, making content accessible to users while also benefiting creators and publishers,” said co-founder and CEO Amir Hirsh. “With this new product launch, we are taking another step towards achieving that goal. We are bringing a wealth of content to users in their favorite apps, helping podcasts reach new audiences, and driving mobile app engagement and monetization,” he said in the announcement.

One such example of how the Audioburst product will expand the reach of podcast comes from Zen Labs Fitness. It teamed up with Audioburst to bring audio content into its popular running app C25K. 

"Audioburst's solution is a great fit for our running community," said Bradley Duong, co-founder at Zen Labs Fitness. "Our users are already out there, trying to improve their physical well-being. Adding a dynamic feed of informative and entertaining podcast highlights helps our runners on their self-improvement journey.” He said they expect the addition of audio to boost user engagement of their C25K app and allow the company to increase its revenue.

Another example comes from Perfect365, which added audio to its beauty platform with 100 million users in the form of a “beauty playlist.” Vincent Hsu, VP Business Development for Perfect365, sees audio content as an added benefit, but there’s also a potentially bigger advantage. “Our users don’t need to leave the Perfect365 app to receive relevant and timely beauty tips from the hottest beauty podcasts,” said Hsu.

 Audioburst says it currently pulls audio from five thousand content sources which it fine tunes into more than one hundred playlist categories. It also creates 8,5000 “bursts” daily. Its pitch to podcasters is it provides free automatic transcripts among other benefits.

Tel Aviv-based Audioburst launched in 2015 with a proprietary AI-based platform that uses voice search to listen, understand, segment and index millions of minutes of audio content from radio stations, podcasts and TV. Since then, it has announced alliances with a who’s who of technology manufacturers. Audioburst has raised $25 million to date. The ad agency Dentsu and automaker Hyundai both invested $5 million in the company in the most recent round. Japan’s Nippon Broadcasting System also invested $3 million.