Crossing the Line 220

Investigative journalist and bestselling author M. William Phelps is moving deeper into podcasting. He has struck a deal with the iHeartPodcast Network to create a slate of podcasts, expanding on the success of his Paper Ghosts series that has released two seasons during the past year. 

The new slate kicks off today with the debut of the weekly podcast called Crossing the line with M. William Phelps. Theweekly podcast that will tackle what iHeart says are the important yet sometimes polarizing topics in the true crime space, as well as investigate rather unknown cold cases with the hopes of uncovering more information that could lead to a closure. In the show Phelps will be joined by true crime aficionado and Paper Ghosts Executive Producer Cristina Everett. Together, they will interview experts, victims’ family members and detectives who worked the cases in an effort to unravel not only the intricacies of the crimes but the societal structures that make them possible – and often go unseen.

“Crossing the Line pulls together 20 years of work in true crime television and books- a confluence of access and being on the frontline of investigative journalism,” said Phelps. "You're going to hear the inside story of murder and missing cases from insiders -- including the killers themselves -- with the main focus on victims and their family's stories, including my own.” 

Crossing the Line is the first of a wider slate of shows coming from Phelps. It will also include season three of Paper Ghosts launching in late-2022. It will also include a new narrative crime podcast centered around an infamous bank heist early next year. 

“We are thrilled to team up with M. William Phelps again to produce a new slate of true crime podcasts,” said Will Pearson, Chief Operating Officer for the iHeartPodcast Network. “We’ve seen incredible success with Paper Ghosts and it’s proven that M. William Phelps isn't afraid to ask the hard questions. The new shows on this slate will no doubt continue in that success – investigating unsolved crimes and sharing untold stories that will keep listeners tuning into each episode curious for more answers.”

In the near-term, Crossing the Line premieres October 12 and will run in 12-week installments, with new episodes available Tuesdays on iHeartRadio and all major platforms.