The podcast creation platform Auxbus has raised more seed financing. This time the cash comes from Ideaship, a venture capital firm that provides patent development capital for early stage startups. Auxbus says the investment will support its efforts to scale and deploy its end-to-end podcast creation and marketing platform. The Ashville, NC-based company, which was formerly known as Podcraft, was founded last year by Dan Radin. A 15-year veteran of audio companies such as Harman, SteelSeries, and Alesis, Radin has said his goal is to build easy-to-use technology that seemingly “disappears” when used.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Ideaship,” said Radin in a statement. “They expedited their service timeline to accommodate our aggressive release schedule without sacrificing an iota of quality. We are grateful to have partnered with Ideaship, and look forward to having them in our corner.”

Auxbus formally launched its podcast creation platform at the Podcast Movement conference in Orlando this month. The web-based app guides first-time podcasters through planning and creating their content and then automatically completes and distributes a finished, polished show. Auxbus says it used more than 1,000 users during its beta phase, which allowed it to preemptively address podcasters’ questions and concerns. Auxbus sees its biggest opportunity with the fast-growing business marketing and branded podcast segment.

Kazutoshi Yasunaga, an IP Specialist for Ideaship and Director for Panasonic Intellectual Property Corporation of America, said Auxbus’s technologies will streamline production and distribution of show creation so even small companies can develop and publish their own podcasts. “The podcast industry is experiencing significant growth, but audio content development is difficult for novice audio creators,” he said.

Auxbus in May announced it secured funding from several other sources, including High Country Impact Fund, a Boone, NC investment group focused on high-growth, early stage companies operating in western North Carolina. It has also secured capital from Marco Massini of Mercurio Capital Partners. 

Auxbus has said it will donate a percentage of revenue annually to fund cochlear implants and services for children born with hearing impairments.